Hello to A Mid-May 2020 Life Update

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Why hello there!!

I saw on Twitter that WordPress is changing to the newest editor (I’ve always been using the classic mode that I encountered when I first joined the site in May 2016 (which reminds me of another blog post I forgot about that I want to do, actually :O)) but this new one is… okay. I’ll get used to it in time, I imagine and if I struggle, there will be the classic block option that I can tinker with instead. πŸ™‚

Any who, that’s not entirely what this post is going to be about.

I wanted to actually talk to you guys one on one again, as it’s been a while since my last post and I haven’t been on the blog too much this last week and I have PLENTY to update you guys on in regular old life update fashion. So, for the new things and also some of the old….

If you missed my last post  where I talk about some of what I’ll be doing for the NAMI Walks Your Way Virtual Event on Saturday, May 30th from 11:00a- 1:30p EST (a live stream where I’ll interact with you guys on Youtube, you can donate if you’d like (all the money is going directly to NAMI), you can ask me questions and I’ll talk about my experiences and my involvement with NAMI and my recovery as well as produce some artwork that you’ll be able to see as I make it) I have a small update for it!

Tomorrow, Friday May 22nd 2020 at 3:00p EST I am going live for about an hour on my Youtube channel, RecoverytoWellness  to just experiment with the live streaming service so that I work out any kinks before the big event next Saturday! πŸ˜€ (Working with this Editor and it hates my trying to link things, grrr.)

For tomorrow’s stream, which I will link out on my Twitter (you can find me under RecoveryRaquel), I will be chatting with you peeps if you happen to stop by because I probably won’t be up to much else on my own, ahhaha. I am planning to film outside on my back porch so that should be especially nice! πŸ˜€

Additionally and relatedly, I am choosing to make it a daily goal of mine this summer to spend at least 1 hour a day outside. I decided to start doing this just this past Saturday and then I was thinking up how I should get a blanket for myself to use purely for outdoors purposes and all the different places I could go with it (parks, beaches, small areas nearby) and I also found out that if you put the blanket or article of clothing into the dryer for 15 minutes, the heat kills any ticks that may be on it. Then you can plop it into the washing machine and then back into the dryer but in the wash, they don’t die because they thrive in dark, moist places, so there ya, something new to learn!

This led me to go to Target on Sunday, braving the quarantine for reals, and I did find a very nice and soft light gray blanket ($15!) but I’m kinda falling more and more in love with it sooooo I’m not entirely certain that it’ll become my outdoor blanket. I also got a few books while I was at Target and a couple of stationery gel pen packs (which I’ve been utilizing already since).

Hmmm, what else is new?

I’ve been writing fan fiction a lot lately. I finally have another article for my column on The Oddball Magazine  (Recovery Home) that I wrote up today, actually, during Journal group at Passages (my day program). I will be typing this up tomorrow, fact checking it a little and then linking or naming some links within it before I send it off completely.

Speaking of Passages, I am going to be transitioning out of there and my last day will be Thursday June 4th. That’s going to be interesting. I’ve decided because we’re in very strange times, that I’ll be writing letters and sending them to the building so that the therapists there can re-envelope them and send them to some of my peers that I plan to write letters of farewell to. I have about 10 peers that I want to do this with. Then I have to do the letters for the staff/therapists too. I’ll be doing quite a bit of writing for the next couple of weeks in preparation for this, basically.

It feels really weird to be discharging (and technically, I still have to get fully cleared for this to commence) but yeah, it’s kinda scary BUT also really good and really nice. I wish quarantine wasn’t going on because I definitely would like a farewell party, ahaha. I’m going to ask if there’s some kind of contingency plan I can do when the quarantine is over where I could return just for a goodbye, kinda thing, you know?

As of late, I haven’t been able to complete a lot of the groups and I only go to the ones in the afternoon. And I just haven’t been getting as much out of it and I was already going to end in May anyways but yeah, June 4th will be it. Weird. But exciting. And sad. And I’m not entirely sure where I’m going to find the community of validation and nonjudgmental support, but I’m hoping to find some of these characteristics in support groups I enter and online communities that I find for myself, like blogs and videos and stuff. I’m hoping too, that with this mental health focused area out of my life that I can return to mental health related blogs/bloggers and get my dose of it that way. I haven’t done that since I’ve been going to program in 2018, so it would be especially nice. (HINT: If you have anyone you think I should follow or you want to leave their info down below, feel free to do so!!)

I’m also thinking, as of today, that I’ll want to do some other type of weekly blogging where I choose on Sunday a topic to focus on for the week, I pool resources like blog sites and Youtube videos on the topic and then I write a response blog post about what I learned, if anything, from it all. I think that’d be neat and I’d like to get back into looking at different types of research-like article stuff. I don’t know, I think it’d be cool.

The wonderful world of WordPress

Speaking of blogging… I have these ideas going forwards:

  1. Continuing my Tracking Practices (this will probably come in next week, and I have a follow-up point to this later! Also, a simpler post is becoming lengthy and annoying with this new Editor!! Ugh!)
  2. Film Review Friday’s (I am planning to have one up for tomorrow)
  3. Fan fiction related
  4. Promoting others works
  5. Life Updates
  6. Research based/knowledge stuff from the thing I mentioned earlier (okay, tired brain is really here now, awesome, great. )
  7. Book reviews!!
  9. Anniversary posts/awards and tags
  10. that’s all I can think of right now

I have PLENTY of Youtube channel ideas going forwards too.

But the good and sad news from the first tracking post is that I completed my Calm the Chaos journal yesterday!!! I am now moving onto my next one.

I’ve also been ordering and looking at books a lot lately. I am in progress of reading a nonfic book and I didn’t get the chance to read AT ALL today but maybe I can squeeze in a couple of pages. I’m excited for the books I have already gotten and the ones that are heading to me next! πŸ™‚

I’ve already gotten quite a tan already from the week I’ve been outside ahaha. I am currently listening to music and I have to make time soon to download new songs to my iPod. The other thing, which I will be posting tomorrow, so two posts tomorrow, will just be this: SummerComer. That’s all you get for clues. πŸ˜‰

Oh, I’ve been making some origami stuff lately too, mainly paper frogs and paper stars.

My work, Amaryllis, schedule has changed. Instead of working Tuesday’s and Saturday’s I’m NOW working Monday’s and Saturday’s. So that’s something.

Okay, sorry, but I have to cut this post short. It’s almost 10p and I’m literally falling asleep right now ahaha. I will see you all fresh in the morning. Good luck and do leave me your thoughts somewhere down below!

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Thank you for reading!!!


PS I just remembered: I’m hoping to be structuring my time more in the future and setting SMART goals monthly, weekly and daily! Yay!