#SummerComer #PoetryChallenge Entry #2 | she knew of what could be.

This is the second week we are bearing witness to this thumb. Hope it doesn’t get boring as more time goes by! 😉

Hi there! I’m going to keep this short so we have time to stare and admire the poem for this week, ahaha!!

If you want to see the Rules to this challenge fledged out here you can! Or stay tuned to the next little bit where I will do a quick crash course about them. Or, even better, check out this week’s entry into the challenge and then go back later to see the first week’s poem! Dun dun dunnnn. 😀


  • each post begins with the thumb above
  • each poem will be individually titled and labeled by the entry number in both the piece itself (at the end) and in the title
  • each post will include any background music used to “set the mood” which will be listed at the end of the entry
  • each poem loosely exists within the context of summer but is not strictly limited in constructing that imagery. I.e. it’s a summer project but may venture outside of that topic/theme-wise. 🙂
  • the goal: one poem each week from the end of May to the start of September under the hashtag: #SummerComer

And, that’s it!

Ready? I hope so!!

she knew of what could be.

somewhere down the


familiar road:


she dreamed into the clouds

of the big, blue sky

and the stars trickled down their

light onto her shoulders,

picked her up by the arms

and cradled her strong,

nestling into her full cheeks,

gracing a smile upon her lips.


she wore makeup etched within the

lines of her face–

mascara that made lashes sweep,

like billowing wind at the oceanfront,

eyeliner that opened up the green

of her eyes,

making them dazzle and pop,

and the lip gloss that she wore

sparkling on her lips,

glistened like the sun’s rays

through the gaps of a shady tree.

She wore blush that

decorated her face like those

fairy lights that she loved to set up

across her bedroom’s walls,

giving birth to a sweetness running so

deep in her veins that she was

practically diabetic.

A pop of color, the blush was,

across her pale-toned



Her long, brown hair fell in waves,

curls abounding,

frizz kept at bay.


Her eyeshadow screamed of a thousand

suns, the solar system colliding across

her eyelids,

spinning and twirling with their own

gravitational pull.

Colorful would be an understatement,

but she rocked it well.

She rocked it.


And somewhere behind her green eyes,

lay dreams she had yet to dream,

hopes she had yet to unveil,

a spark for life that had yet

to encounter her form of consciousness.


she smiled at the sky,

for what was and what could be,

and as she blinked away the shadows,

the darkness that dared to cling to her

broken flesh,

she did so with peace in her heart,

and soul in her breast.


she was going to make it far.


she was going to be the sun.


she was going to be enough.


she was.


she was.


she was.


she knew it then

as much as she knew it today.


and over and over,

she would sway on her feet,

but remain standing.


because she was a wave that could not

be broken,

she was a spirit that could not

sail freer,

she was a force of nature.


she was.


she was.


she was.


and every day,

every day

she proved to herself

that she’d be there.


she’d be there.


and next time,

they wouldn’t dare to

dampen her fire.


Technical information about the poem:

Entry #2: #SummerComer

Written: 5/28/2020

Background music: “After the Storm” by Mumford & Sons

So, if you follow me on Twitter you got a live action of all my anger and frustrations with learning this new editor and wishing to rage quit SEVERAL times over the 45 minute span I was trying to quickly get this poem up by. Sigh, yeah. About that….

Thank you so much for reading though, and let me know if there are prompts, requests or themes you’d like to see me cover!! 🙂 (Also, are there good guides about how to get used to/learn the new editor? I clearly need to read it!! XD) Leave me a comment down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Finally, something a little more productive out of my week, ahaha.

And, about the poem itself: it kinda all came together well and I enjoyed describing things within it and I hope that you enjoyed it, too! 🙂 There are definitely some parts that stick out to me the most. =^_^=

Sending you all light and love.

3 thoughts on “#SummerComer #PoetryChallenge Entry #2 | she knew of what could be.

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