When the Writing Vibes Strike | Fanfic Work

Hi hi,

Short post!!

I am:

  • In the process of finishing watching the Thor movie, I have about 55 mins left and it already took me about 2 hours because I kept pausing every few seconds to write down notes on Loki for later regurgitation in my review ahaha
  • I watched Station 19 & Grey’s Anatomy last night, hooray!! Emotional but hooray. πŸ™‚
  • I have continued the rereading process of my fanfic CeC but today I decided to reread and print TAaBBT and then I started on the next (the second) chapter for that soooo I’m pretty happy
  • I made some additional progress notes for D&D’s sequel so that is fun
  • My Mom and I went shopping a bit today so that was nice. Note: I really, really want to get Urban Decay’s “goldmine” lip gloss one day, it’s legit $20 but it’s soooo bold and pretty and shiny. I’d love to save up some money for that next
  • I still want to get closer and closer to dyeing my hair and I think besides a phone, some bills and other payments, that I may be entering that avenue within the next two months or so!! I haven’t really let anyone know about it, yet, though. Haha Baby steps!
  • I spoke to my dating friend yesterday! They are doing as okay as can be and they let me know something I found really, really funny in a tragically absurd kind of way and that was interesting. I can’t wait until they’re out again, but have to wait for sure for a while still
  • I have to go to bed very soon because I have work tomorrow and Sun but I’m actually looking forward to it a bit!! I’m hoping to do one of the art based activities with the kids tomorrow, if I’m in the right cottage. It’s supposed to be gloriously wonderful and hot on Sun, yay! Tomorrow, mainly cloudy but still warm. I have to pick out my clothing for this very soon actually

So yeah, that’s a little bit of what’s been up and going on today!

I will need to edit another video to get done for next week but maybe I’ll do that tomorrow evening or Sun. I’d like to be a couple of videos ahead and I can probably start doing two videos a week for an upload schedule, which would be SO nice!!!

Yeah, that’s all I got for now ahaha

I’m feeling a bit tired so maybe that’s good news as well.

Welp, I’ll see you either tomorrow, Sun or on Mon.

Stay safe!!


2 thoughts on “When the Writing Vibes Strike | Fanfic Work

  1. When you laugh in your blog, it is ahaha, which is precisely the way Chester Gould, a writer long gone, who wrote and created Dick Tracy, had his characters laugh. A nice affectation, I thought, being a writer myself.
    I usually don’t comment, however, I am paying attention. I write for Spare Change News plus I have some books out. Available but not best sellers like Stephen King, ahaha. My book on Amazon is Heroin’s Harbour. It’s also on Lulu.com and Amazon.co.uk It made the shortlist in the Wales Poetry Contest. So it goes. It will be hot on Sun(day).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aaaa, junkietroll!!! It’s been a while but it’s SO good to hear from you. Thank you sooo much, especially, for this exquisite message. πŸ˜šπŸ€—

      That is absolutely wonderful!! I don’t think I’ve quite heard of him or his writing but I’ll definitely add it to my list of things to check out!! And yessss, I love ‘ahaha’ it feels far too strange to write a simple ‘hahaha’ or ‘hehehe’ and I only ever abbreviate it differently depending on my mood, I do not want to disillusion my golden ‘ahaha’ if I’m not really ‘ahaha’ing–ahaha. The purity of ‘ahaha’ MUST be preserved!! πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

      I’m glad that you are reading and came out of the shadows in this post to let me know that’s what you sometimes do! It’s very encouraging and reminds me that this Void that I think I’m often speaking into is more of an echo chamber where things aren’t noticed, but, this proves to me that that is not quite the case!! I absolutely adore and appreciate every message, and luckily through my blogging I’ve never quite encountered the presence of rude behavior or hefty criticism, although I do believe I’m at such a good place mentally these days that I could handle it a lot better than I may have in the past. Regardless, it’s nice to know someone else is out there seeing my words. ❀

      That's so awesome you have a book!! I'm definitely going to add that to my list as well and look it up on Amazon. I'd love and be honored to do a review of it on my blog, too, if that's something you'd be okay with! I have another couple of followers/bloggers who've published books that have been sucked into the vortex that is all my books that I'll one day read (tis the dream) but yeah, I'd love to check out your writing. That is SO cool. Maybe one day soon, in the next couple of years, it'll be my own book out there on the shelves or in the boxes. ^_^ Hehehe.

      Thank you so much once more. I can't wait to write down these new things (in my next upcoming planner, hooray). It was hot on Sun! And we've had a couple of thunder storms tonight because of how humid it was today πŸ˜‹
      Sending you tons of light and rainbows!! πŸ”₯πŸŒˆπŸŒžβ˜„


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