Just a Temporary Post

Hi hi!

Besides being sweaty right now and feeling far too hot, I’m doing rather well! I have to go brush my teeth because I just ate some mini Heath bars and they are soooo sugary, gwah!!

I’m jumping on here just to make a super quick, fast post and then I’m gonna challenge myself to take just 20 mins to read a book, my current graphic novel I’m calling IYF because that’s the abbreviations of its name, and then I’m going to go to bed and fall asleep. I’ll probably have to take a melatonin to help with sleep because I didn’t last night and didn’t fall asleep until 1a!! 😱😨 I napped for only an hour or so today which, hell, I’ll take.

Gah, so hot. Tomorrow I really want to spend some time blogging a more standard post, edit a couple of videos, upload a video and film one for what will later be released next Tuesday. I also want to read for a couple of hours or at least one and shave my legs and take another shower. I also want to do the dishes as a chore and maybe go out and shop a little tiny bit. I also want to continue to answer my social media and phone texting messages, as that’s important to me and either engage in some adult coloring, creative writing fanfics version or even some work based creative writing and preparing for the weekend ahead with work. (Leadership, leading routine and things to that effect)

I am taking up a morning shift on Wed next week so that should be interesting. It’ll only be two kids plus it’s a school day so it shouldn’t be too bad and if anything probably uneventful. It will be interesting to see how it’s run (first shift) on a school day and I’ll get to work with someone I’ve only met before in trainings so that’s nice.

But yeah, my dating friend is back home now and we spoke today so that was lovely! I also watched Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy tonight, hooray. Well, I should go. I need a fan like DESPERATELY. Ahaha I got like EIGHT bug bites last night when I forgo my shirt sooooo that was FUN to wake up to this morning, haaah, not.

Any who, I hope you guys are well. I will be shutting down my laptop for the day and getting on top of a few other things soon after.

May we all sleep well and keep on creating and making fun things that this life has to offer!

Stay safe!!



9 thoughts on “Just a Temporary Post

  1. Ahaha! Graphic novels. I’m reading Jupiter’s Legacy by Mark Millar, which has been made into a series on Netflix. It’s okay. The book I’m reading now is Imajica by Clive Barker, which is a very long magical (dark) book and I’m loving it. But it’s 10:36pm and I’m a little tired so I think I’ll lay down and rest. I’m enjoying your blog. Oh, by the way, the new Spare Change News is coming out Friday or Monday and it will have a story I wrote called Adam’s Rib. I think it may offend strict Christians but what can you do. See you on the uptake.

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    • Ooooof, speaking of those graphic novel-y things, I still have to work on finishing IYF! If I spend some time this weekend after work to do so, I may in fact be able to. It’s supposed to rain a bunch tomorrow, bleh, but Sun should be all right. I’m not exactly looking forward to my work weekend but it might be really good for me to get out and socialize, be around some kiddos and be offline for over 8 hours (which I’ve been sucked into the Internet all this week) so it’ll be nice to just get a fresh face.

      Any who, those books sound lovely!! As well as the story that you wrote! I’m definitely going to add them to my list and make sure I check them all out. 😁 I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the blog!!! Sorry I’m a tad late in replying, I am going to end my evening online here but I will make sure to answer your other comment on one of my posts soon–within the coming days. I think I may try and do some creative writing (fanfics) this weekend after work so that would be especially lovely. Again, I’m not really ready for the work weekend but it is what it is and once it’s done, it’s done and then I just have to worry about the next weekend. Hehehe, ah well. If one day I can make more of a living online with my writing and such and then into Certified Peer Specialist work, gosh, that’ll just be wonderful. For now, tis the hike and tis the climb.

      Thanks so much for sharing your voice here!! I really appreciate it. Are you onto any good new books since we last spoke? Take care xx


      • I’m sucked into an old HBO show called Carnivale right now; also Last Tango In Halifax on Netflix. Still working on getting my new book sorted out and hoping for the best. One of my books sold at the Harvard Book Store–they only have two left of Heroin’s Harbour now in the poetry section.
        Still reading Imajica; 300 pages left of the 800 and some page book; also about to read Gotham Central by Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka; graphic novels.
        Then a quick trip to North Truro on the Cape Sunday through Thursday; waiting for a Sandman Chess set to come in the mail; it’s taking time even though it was sent Priority Mail. Rain tomorrow, eh. That means the kiddos will be playing indoors.
        All is well. Keep writing. Peace to You Raquel!

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        • Ooooo, that HBO show sounds familiar to me! Is it only on HBO? There’s so many of those streaming websites nowadays. I just saw a trailer for the movie ‘Malignant’ to be coming out on HBO and the movie theaters in Sept! Looks SUPER good, I think I’d like to go see it. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™‚

          I’d love to watch another Netflix TV or movie show. It’s been sooo long for me. I should probs watch the rest of Thor first though ahaha. I’m going to be looking at new phones soon so I’m excited about that, maybe I can actually move forwards some, even if letting go of the past is hard. I also want to blog again soon, I’ve been trying all week to edit a video and read a book but haven’t managed either, unfortunately. The work weekend is coming up quickly though so that kinda sucks. I don’t know how the week went by so fast. I’m planning to go for a hair dye change either in Aug or Sep, depending on their availability and when I can get an appointment in, I’m planning to call tomorrow. Just did a support group tonight and now I’m trying my best to just shove aside the intrusive thoughts and wondering and get back to the present moment.

          Question for you: Do you think some books should be like hundreds of pages long (800 sounds like a LOT) but even like 400-500 or should it be split up into shorter chunks, like into a series instead?
          I think reading an 800 page book would be impeccably awesome however at the same time it’s just soooo long. Like, I don’t know if I’d be able to do it, you know? I really have about 80 pages left of this one book (nonfic) I’m reading, and I’d LOVE to actually finish it soon. Alas…

          I guess it depends too if you have a certain rhythm going with the book and it’s intriguing and captivating enough. I think for me just getting started can be so hard, once I’m in it I’m great but then when I inevitably stop, I wind up doing other tasks for much longer and never quite finish in my ideal time frame. Grrr. πŸ€”πŸ€¨

          Ohhhh, is that the Harvard Book Shop in Cambridge? Are you from MA too?
          I stopped by a Harvard Book Shop a couple weeks ago when I went to see my partner up there! It was soooo wonderful. I did actually get a book there, but damn, that’s awesome! I hope things have paved over pretty well since you wrote this. I’m definitely interested in checking out your stuff! πŸ˜πŸ’›πŸ’›

          How did the Cape venture go? The chess set? I hope everything’s been well and plugging along!!
          Thanks so much for commenting!! I know it may not seem like I treasured your words as much because of how late I am in replying but if anything I try and want to get that ‘perfect’ reply which means I don’t answer things in a timely fashion. I’m working on it!! Sometimes I do better, sometimes I don’t. Honestly this week I haven’t been on my laptop itself often so yeah. But I appreciate all of your words and your kindness and your persistence in keeping your writing alive. It’s worth it. And you’re awesome.
          Hope you have a marvelous upcoming weekend. I shall see you when I see you. πŸ€—πŸ€©πŸ˜™


          • I just like books and good shows. Carnivale is kind of spooky; people have powers. It’s an old HBO show that came out around the time The Sopranos was playing. I’ve been watching Manifest on Netflix which is pretty tense, about a plane that disappeared for 5 and 1/2 years and then came back. There’s a whole bunch of stuff going on; people are really freaked out and the people that were on the plane can see the future about certain things.
            Yes, I live in MA and that’s why my books are at the Harvard Bookstore.
            I also write for the Spare Change News; I used to be a Vendor, well, I still am even though I don’t sell papers anymore.
            My new book is out on Amazon and Amazon.co.uk and it’s called Tales Of The Troll; Junkies, Angels & Demons. It’s a bunch of connected stories; two novellas. You can get it from Lulu.com too or even buy it from me.
            I just finished a really long book, reading that is, called Imajica by Clive Barker who is a really freaky writer. It was 833 pages long.
            Right now I’m reading Miles From Nowhere by Nami Munn, which I like; The Ones We’re Meant To Find by Joan He; I’m halfway through both of them. I’m also reading a graphic novel called Swamp Thing, the run written by Mark Millar & partly by Grant Morrison; really dark.
            I like the run of Swamp Thing written by Alan Moore too. Sounds like you’re doing okay and that’s good news.
            The Cape was great and the chess set was a total disappointment; pieces were broken and I had to send it back and get my money back. Right now I’m waiting for a guy to pay me for a book he bid on on eBay but he’s been slow in paying so I’m a little concerned. Life is like that.
            You can find out stuff about me by Googling Marc D. Goldfinger. I don’t know if everything up there is true but some of it is, for sure. Peace To You!

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          • Hi Racquel, This woman walks into pharmacy and asks the pharmacist for cyanide because she wants to poison her husband.
            The pharmacist looks at her and says, “I’m sorry ma’am, but I can’t possibly give you that.”
            The woman reaches into her purse and pulls out a picture of the pharmacist’s wife in bed with her husband.
            The pharmacist looks at the picture and says, “I can give you that! I didn’t know you had a prescription!”
            By the way, I’m also reading “Books Of Blood: Volume 2” by Clive Barker.
            Peace again.


            • Hey there, gosh, no one’s called me Racquel since I was in kindergarten hahah. The actual spelling is ‘Raquel’ but I totally get how that can be fudged up on sometimes!! Just thought I’d let you know. πŸ˜‰

              Also, I wish things were different in my life right now. I feel like this joke would be something I’d laugh at three or four years ago. Unfortunately instead, I find it and I hate to say it, offensive. Like, I know it’s supposed to be lighthearted and you may not be intentionally trying to upset me or with the notion going into this to offend me. I’m definitely giving some benefit of the doubt. I know in another message I outlined some of my boundaries regarding this type of thing (specific methods, apparently just in the case of any harm whether self or others) as well as in my most recent post and maybe you didn’t see them or read them and so you didn’t know, I would just encourage and suggest mulling over the care and appropriated nature of these types of messages before you hit the publish button. Which, sounds hypocritical coming from me because I was never this way back in 2016, 2017 and the start/middle of 2018, however I’m at a place now where that matters a lot more to me–my safety, my audience’s safety, the people who don’t even follow me but maybe will find this message and be upset by it’s safety etc. So yeah, I just felt super uncomfortable and heartbroken to see this type of message, unfortunately. It definitely made me anxious and when I get anxious I naturally avoid everything so that also came about too. But I’m feeling stronger now and able to handle what happens.

              I know, too, that you might not see it as offensive or maybe, at the worst, you’d continue, I just want to say, please don’t and if it becomes an issue I will take further action. Just so you’re also aware.
              For now, I’ll reply to your other book and show comment later on and I hope you have a good night and that you find many more blessings and good times buried beneath the nearest apple tree. Thanks so much. xx πŸ˜ŽπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸŒ³πŸŒ²πŸŒ΄


              • I’m deeply sorry that I sent you a joke that was offensive to you. I’ll be more careful in the future. The last thing I want to do is cause you or anyone grief or pain. Please accept my humble apology.

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                • Awww, this is very sweet. I’m glad that it was just a misunderstanding and there was no malice behind it. I wasn’t sure and with the Internet being the way it is I know it may be rare at times to have a drama free reaction and best understood by both parties what happened, what went wrong and how to do better in the future. You are absolutely forgiven and I so appreciate your apology and us moving forwards as friends. That is so kind and brave of you and I’m really glad it wasn’t something worse. Life is a learning experience, after all!! Thanks so much and I hope you have a fun time reading some books tonight! 🌞🌈πŸ”₯🀍🀍🀍


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