Award 3: Liebster

Okay, so here’s to the 3rd award I got, the Liebster award! =]


Image taken off of Google! Not mine!!

I was nominated by the most lovely Ciara. Her blog is really neat and offers a nice break from the wide, wide world of mental health. She chats about her life and the fancy adventures she goes on, and is a very nice human being all around. =] So, check her out!

10 Random facts about me:

  1. (Okay, this is actually going to be tougher than I thought! XD) Ummm, I’ve returned to being an avid reader. I used to read a LOT when I was a kid: Animorphs, Nancy Drew, Avalon, Harry Potter. Reading was totally my thing and it was the first thing that got me so interested in creative writing! As an adult, I’ve returned to the reading marathon in the last year and it’s been much fun! (Although I’m finding it a little difficult to get into my current book “The Piper” by Lynn Hightower.)
  2. I love listening to creepypastas (fictional scary stories) and true scary stories by Youtubers like Corpse Husband, Mr. Nightmare, Mr. Creepypasta, Creepypasta Jr., etc. I’ve actually paused one right now. Some of my favorites involve stalkers and the people who turn out to be hiding in your house for a week. 😀
  3. I like falling asleep at night to either a creepypasta (especially the long ones/compilations that are like anywhere from half an hour to two hours long–oh my god, Borrasca by the way? Gotta listen to it!! It’s really fucked up (it’s a creepypasta after all) but sooo good. Gwah worthy! OR I like falling asleep to ASMR’s. I love Heather Feather, Whispers Red, Donna ASMR, this one where water beads are layered over the sounds of indistinguishable whispers, gwah, it’s sooo nice! I listened to one last night involving shaving cream and it was so lovely. If you’re curious it’s that link right there. I could make a whole post about this and you know, maybe, one day I will! =] I love tapping ones too. GWAH
  4. I started a project this year where I make little positive phrases, words, drawings and sometimes some song lyrics (from other songs, not my own!) on little pieces of torn up paper and give them to random people. I gave away 33 in February, 49 in March, and 63 in April. One example you can find in my second post on here. I have yet to make some and give them out in May (I should get on that though!) My goal for this month will be shorter, like 25 or so.
  5. I have a lot of things to say. 🙂 If you haven’t noticed. (now I’ll purposely make this one short XD)
  6. I’m still interested in finding other mental health/recovery tags to do this month of May, so you may find (HA! Puns) me uploading some before the end of the month!
  7. I love color! Rainbows and unicorns and magical creatures. =] Sparkle, and glitter and sequins! Color makes me happy =]
  8. I love the ‘Recollections’ series for scrapbooking! Their stickers and their new washi tape is so beautiful, they’re all positive and super colorful, (well some of them are) it’s awesome! Me in a little bottle, pretty much.
  9. I have tons of journals, ones I wrote in when I was younger, all the way back in 2006 and ones that I have and have begun but never finished! :O
  10. I own all the House MD DVDs. =] (There were 8 seasons)


Okay! That’s done with!! Here’s a picture for making it this far!!


A new scrapbook page I did last week, featuring a bunch of the positive washi tape and stickers I was talking about above! =] Made 5/20/16

Okay, now it’s time for the 10 questions I was asked! Let’s go!! =]

  • Why did you start blogging?

Every time I go to blog I still imagine I’m on DA, writing to my first small crowd of friends. I always keep them in mind and I try to write as open and honestly as I can, thinking that I’m talking to them and (maybe pretending) that there will be other people out there too who will come across my work and read it. So far blogging is coming pretty naturally to me. It’s a nice little combination of just saying things. And talking about stuffs. And then typing them all together and posting it. It’s quite refreshing and freeing. I enjoy the time as I blog and I think it’s helping to keep me accountable, too.

  • Does your family/friends know you blog? Why or why not?

My Mom knows of my blogging but doesn’t exactly know how open I am on it or what the name of it is, even after I’ve shown her and how much I talk about it (at least, I don’t think she knows!). A couple of my friends know, others don’t, but we just got out of school so that part makes sense. A couple of them I just haven’t brought it up yet. Although I’m going to mention it in the next OCD support group! =] And of course in my IOOV presentations! 😀

  • What is your favorite thing to do to relax?

Listen to ASMRs/guided meditations (I need to get back on board with the latter). Listen to music. Read. Create. (reminds me, I need to update my fanfic!) Color. Particularly painting and watercoloring take up a lot of my attention span so those are especially good to use as tools. =]

  • Who is your favorite band?

Again, I don’t often listen to more than one song per group. But I like Demi Lovato, Eminem, Rachel Platten, Imagine Dragons, One Republic. I like songs like ‘Heart Attack’, ‘Neon Lights’ ‘Skyscraper’ ‘Confident’ by Demi and ‘Beautiful’ ‘Beautiful pain’ ‘Lose yourself’ ‘Not Afraid’ ‘Guts over Fear’ ‘3am’ and others by Eminem.

  • If you could chose one person dead or alive to have lunch with who would it be?

I’d totally bring back my doggy Bayya and we’d have a day outside together and I’d sit down in the ants and tick infested grass and I’d give her THE BEST rubsies. And she’d whine and bark and I’d poke her in the tongue every time she yawned, just like old times. ❤ ❤ ❤ Miss you, little one.

  • What is your dream car?

Once upon a time, when I was younger (and didn’t know much about cars…like how I still don’t now) I dreamed of a black Hummer with blue flames… really just for that paint job! I’d say color-wise, I’d love a teal colored car or a purple one or one of those metallic looking ones. Who knows, if I had the money, maybe I’d design it too. =]

  • If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

One thing one thing? Or one thing like a category of food? ‘Cause category wise I’d go fruits. And thing wise I’d say…. probably chocolate. I wouldn’t last long but oh well! At least I’d be happy! XD

  • What is your worst fear?

I don’t think I really have any now…except probably a quick, sudden death. That freaks me out a bit. I’d prefer to know in advance not just me like “You know, today is a LOVELY day I wonder if— BOOM DEAD” That sounds horrifying. Oh god. D: T_T

  • What super power would you choose?

Probably the ability to create rainbows and sprinkle sparkles out of my fingertips (when I want to of course, it’d be inconvenient otherwise) and help give hope to peeps when they’re going through tough times. Those kinds of super powers 😉

  • What was your favorite place to visit?

Hmmm, I’d say Cancun Mexico and Peru. Goooooood times. Except when I was at Machu Pichu when my camera sputtered out and grew a problem… 😦 That wasn’t so fun.


Okay! That’s all for the questions!! Phew! I’d say if you want to do this award/tag, you’d be best splitting it up onto two days or so! Takes a LOT of work.

My 10 Questions for you next go-getters:

  1. If you were a stuffed animal, what would you look like? Be as detailed as you wish!
  2. Favorite type of pattern? (polka dots, stripes, etc.)
  3. What keeps you inspired to continue blogging?
  4. What type of image(s) depict who you are as a person best? (I really like gazebos so imagining myself as a gazebo is pretty cool. Or a sapling. Saplings are cute!)
  5. On a scale of 0 – 10, how much of a badass are you?
  6. What are some inspiring quotes/messages that have gotten you through your darkest moments?
  7. What does your dream house look like?
  8. If you could only play one for the rest of your life what would you choose: Puzzle, maze, word search or crosswords?
  9. Who are you? (be as creative as you want!)
  10. What are 5 self-love/self-care things you can do to help you during a hard time? (and include ones you’d actually do, have tried or are interested in trying!)

Now! For myyyyy nominations…


I nominate: (dear god this will take a while, curse you INTERNET!)

Body Electric

Life on the Borderline


Living as one in four

And anyone else under 200 followers who wants to give this one the good ole go!! =] My job here is done…. *pooofs*


Award 2

Now, tis the second Black Cat, Blue Sea award nominated by my darling friend, Life on the Borderline She came up with some of her own questions so we shall read through them now! HUZZAH!

black cat blue sea awards

Drawing that I once again, did NOT depict, but is lovely as ever. Image from Google!

  • Why did you chose the name of your blog?

I chose the name “Recovery to Wellness” because on deviantART back in December 2015 I created a group there called Recovery-to-Wellness where I dreamed of putting my art content, feature other people’s artworks, create a positive environment safe where we could discuss mental health issues and I could open up about my own experiences with it and what I’ve learned over the course of time. So, it seemed only natural and fitting to make this blog the same name where I’ll be doing the same thing, bringing more light to this well deserved topic and gaining some type of traction for it. =] I have many plans ahead for this blog and that group!

  • What is your favourite thing to do?

Definitely artwork!! I’ve already posted here some examples of my artwork, ranging from photography (I’d like to return to this one very soon, there’s a contest going on on DA involving photography that I want to submit to), drawing, watercoloring, painting, making bracelets, IOS or ink on skin (where I draw on myself), scrapbooking… So soooo many art forms!! Oh, and creative writing of course!! I’m glad that I’ve gotten back into creative writing this year and that it’s given me the chance to blog!!

  • What grounds you?

Ink on skin grounds me the most. I’ll provide some examples here, some of my most fancy work. Also, body mists/scents. I love the Bath and Body Works spray of Beautiful Day, Marshmallow pumpkin latte, and A thousand Wishes. Red plum and freesia (if my memory is right) hand lotion by Victoria’s Secret is another fave of mine. Using my five senses also helps to ground me, such as creating a story or just listing off what things remind me of, say, if the wall is white, that makes me think of snow, and Elsa, and Frozen, and ‘Let it gooooooo’. Or one time I thought of silver and metal and OCD thoughts, but then I shook my head and restarted and thought of a woman with red, long hair, and she had a husband and children and I described their lives, their struggles, their home, their kids, etc. That helps me out a lot.

  • What is your favourite music?

I never know genres of music. I listen to a lot of the radio of 93.3 and 104.1 I think it is. Things that come up on the radio. But I like Eminem, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Rachel Platten, Imagine Dragons, Andy Grammer, Phillip Phillips, soundtrack music (you know for like trailers of movies and such. =] Two steps from hell, and lots of others). Yeah, that’s about as much as I can remember, right now. Also, Adele. *nods*

  • What is your favourite time of year and why?

Awesomely, I’m starting to enjoy all of the seasons of the year! I’m very excited for summer though. I want warm, hot weather and the confidence to wear shorter sleeves and shorts! I’m also looking forward to getting involved in some type of consistent exercise as that will be good for me and drawing and getting inspired for the artwork to create over this summer. I’ve returned to enjoying winter though and the snow was fun this year! Spring went by quick and odd and Autumn is lovely as well. =]

  • Who or what inspires you to write?

This is a good, thought-provoking question! I think, considering all of the creative writing to newspaper writing to blog writing spectrum, that creatively it naturally comes to me. It’s ingrained in the way I think and see the world. It just comes and overflows out of me naturally. For writing articles in the newspaper, my mental health experiences and helping others out in the world or whoever comes along my pieces to read them, helps to inspire me and I get a lot of help and therapeutic relief from writing them as well. And for blogging, so far it’s also just coming naturally. Again, I’ve likely had a lot of DA practice by writing journals on there. So, I just be myself and let the words come and pass. Of course, other artwork and reading awesome books is also very inspiring too! I’m honored that so many people think highly of my writing and my ability to write and that’s serving as a great outlet now for me. =)

  • Where would you rather be right now?

Again, I’d prefer being in a psych unit. But I’d also like to be reading or drawing by the ocean, on the beach, where it’s not so windy or cold and the sky is nice so I can watch the sunset and imagine the world and all its new possibilities for the day to come. I also could work on my little positive messages to give out to people while it’s still May! A project for tomorrow!! Also, I just realized now I never put in photos… gwah!

  • What made you decide to start a blog?

I was ferociously job searching and coming up empty handed. So then I went to find writing jobs and was led to a blogging mental health site that offers positions and was reading through the application process and got annoyed all over again so that, right then and there without further thought, I made this page. Still a good decision!!


Phew!! Once again, we made it through another award and series of questions! I’d like to thank Life on the Borderline again for existing, living and carrying on each and every day!! You are stronger than you feel and stronger than you think!! Also, thank you for nominating me with your super snazzy questions!!

I would like to nominate:


The Uniting Center

And anyone else who stumbles upon this and is interested in doing it!! (I’m running out of fingers to type with! Phew!)

A bid thee ado now, and farewell! *bows*

Black Cat, Blue Sea Award 1

black cat blue sea awards

I did NOT draw this!! Image off of Google. ❤

So, it’s been an eventful couple of days! I’ve been nominated for two of these black cat, blue sea awards and one for a Liebster award. I’ll be doing them slightly out of order, but it shall be amazing and you will enjoy it-or else! *or else I’ll sprinkle my pixie dust over you* (that actually reminds me of the fairy dust glitter stuff I have from Lush which I found again, hooray!)

This one I was nominated from the most loveliest human being, Miss Body Electric. Onwards, to the questions!

Who was the first blog/blogger you heard of/read, and how did they inspire you to start yours?

What an interesting question! Well, in the past couple of years I had found blogger Janet (ocdtalk) and in the fall of 2015 found Ellen’s OCD blog

They didn’t necessarily inspire me to create a blog, it just so happened that on the whim that I created this blog, I found them again through the tags and they luckily happened to be on this blogging website so now I can interact with them more! =]

I had created a blog once before for Photography Club at UMB, but it wasn’t on WordPress, there was once a tumblr page and a blogspot page. But I really like WordPress and its layout, it’s definitely growing on me more! And technically, it could be argued I’ve been blogging on DA for years now in the journals!! (My DeviantART account)

Do you see blogging as a future career or a side hobby?

If I could make money off of blogging I totally would. For the fact that just over this summer I’m desperately looking for work (I am talking with a few potential offers, hoping they will pan out!!) and have to wait longer than a few days to find out about such work, I feel that my writing and my mental health experiences thus far could be utilized in a powerful way that right now I’m not quite able to broadcast. So if in the future blogging offered that, I’d do it! For now it’s a wonderful hobby that’s blossoming. =]

What is your all time favourite album and why? How does it make you feel when you listen to it?

Oh man, I don’t often listen to many songs by one artist (although my notable faves are Demi Lovato and Eminem) but I did recently buy Rachel Platten’s CD “Wildfire” and I am soooo in love with her and it and her music and her super kind and positive attitude. It is remarkably refreshing and I just love it! Her song “Better Place” and “Fight Song” just make me love all the things. ❤ ❤ ❤

Four movies I’ve watched more than once…

Dead Poets Society. Avengers. Thor (one and two– for Loki though! XD). Starship Troopers. (and because I can…) Orphan. Horrible Bosses.

Four things I’d rather be doing right now…

Be on an inpatient ward. Lol. Be holding down a job. Be out at school/up in Boston. Reading books. =]

Four favourite foods…

I agree with Body Electric, chocolate is a must!! Ice cream. Spinach pizza. Sirloin tips.

Four shows I watch…

Including past ones, House MD. I’ve rewatched a couple S7 episodes the past few days. ER because I found episodes online and I would have loved it. Grey’s Anatomy, which I need to catch up on. Any of those Deadly Women or murder shows. *nods*

Four things I’m looking forward to…

My reboot in recovery and re-establishing my strength and many more new days ahead of being clean from self-harm. Painting my own front door. Creating artwork. Organizing.

Four things I’m always saying…

“XD” it’s a eyes closed, mouth grinning emoticon. I use it online and over texts all the time…XD Fuck. Amazing/awesome. Various noises like “Oooo, Aaaa, ahahha, Nargh, blargh, bippity bip boop boo!” And ploot! And poof. I say these out loud in person too, just so you get that painted picture even more. =]

There we go, we’ve made it to nearly the end! :O


Hmmm, I nominate… *goes into a new tab to find the peoples*

Living as One in Four

Walking With Anxiety

Scentsy Family


Catlin Hogan


An Orchid’s View

Phew! Okay! We are slap clap and blap done here! =] Thank you again, body electric for nominating me!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Go have fun now, friends! ^^