In Which I Broke Through My Writer’s Block | #WWRRM

And updated my fanfic: “Distorted and Disordered”. I would normally submit it here but it’s not a story fitting for RtW yet (it features eating disorder details/and other mental health condition triggers) so for now, until things get brighter in it, we shall wait! BUAHAHAH.

But it’s an awesome sign that I got to work through my 3 day long writer’s block and update a fic I haven’t written in for a year. Like, seriously.

It’s been THAT LONG.

The problem now is that I seem to be in a blog post writer’s block. Le SIGH.

I shall update though.



This is on my treatment oriented journal.


My newest pen!



The rest of the stickers.

I got these from Vistaprint, by the way! πŸ™‚

I wish I had more to say, but that’s all I really got for right now. I have some journaling to do to update for #WWRRM before it’s over and some reading/book reviews to write up as well. I’ve had some concerns about things lately but don’t want to get into it right now, I’ll update later when I’ve made some progress with drawings.

Yeah, that’s about all I got today! :S

Bedtime soon and all. Hmmm. I’ll try and think of something else but for now, I’m being sucked back into the Youtube hole. And Mocha is sleeping next to me. XD



A Summary of Recent Accomplishments | #WWRRM

Journaling THUMB

(Interlude: I just found out that WordPress has changed so that images in the uploading to post section if deleted are deleted from every post beforehand, and since with the free plan we only get 3GB of space, we’re gonna get fucked. Great. So, if you see disappeared images from posts in the future, that’s why, because I’m not upgrading my shit when I can take the cost of not having a photo or something. This is not so congratulatory but I just found out about it (so my recent stationery haul kinda got fucked) And now I’m kinda bummed because this post is going to be all photos of my new stuff. D’ohhh!).

Any who, this post is about congratulatory things, so let’s jump in!

Last Stint of Daily Blogging:

11 days

Current Stint of Daily Blogging:

46 days

Or, 1 month, 15 days

THAT IS AMAZING PEEPS!!!!!! *insert a whole bunch of happy, partying emoticons here*

Current Stint of Daily Planning:

41 days

OR 1 month, 10 days

This is all those little daily structure, filling in my hours stuff. LARGELY HELPED BY TARGET DOLLAR SPOT! And my own snazziness. *bows*

And of course, there’s what came in the mail today!! MY NEWEST PLANNER!


Before I broke through the plastic wrap.


The planner itself!

(I’ve been writing this post over the process of a few hours so I’m just jumping back in again now, around 8:30p)

I decided to get this Tools4Wisdom planner theme versus the other ones because I thought it would be nice and symbolic to have a planner showcasing better days at the end of the tunnel and being able to imagine getting there in the future and working towards it. πŸ™‚ I think I made the right choice!

Here are the OTHER pictures that are in the planner, changing by season, which I did NOT expect AT ALL:



I would love to draw this one!!!


Seriously, it’s amazing!


My fall schedule! πŸ™‚ Glad I thought of using this sheet rather than making my own!


The BEST decorations!!


How I filled out each school week. πŸ™‚

And yes, the week days are scheduled out hour by hour from 5am – 10p. With goals at the bottom, gratitude thoughts, priorities and secondary priorities.

The weekend is from 7am – 6pm.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So the slideshow above shows that there is this goal defining section and various areas of life that are described (2 pages). A goal mapping section. A goal sheet that challenges you to think of the main objectives of the goal and steps to get there and the deadline for it.

Then there is the section about ‘where am I now’ to ‘where do I want to be’ to ‘how to I get there’ planning steps. And personal goals/ideas, professional goals/ideas, top priority goals for the YEAR, meaningful goals for the year and other goals for the year.

There’s also a monthly priorities list for each month, for work and personal, high value, notes, biggest goal, other goals and why they are important and the essential steps to achieve them.

Seriously, this planner is THAT good.

I like that almost soft touch of the front and back cover, and it’s lightweight versus the Live your Life with Purpose planner I got last year. I also feel this one is MUCH more approachable and I am genuinely ready and excited for it, and I think I will actually utilize it more.

The only down side for me is that it’s spiral bound, because if I go to the hospital again I won’t be able to have it with me. So that sucks.

But overall it is AWESOME.

I’m still a little intimidated by all the goal sections, but maybe I will fill them out in pencil first and as I gain more confidence up it to pen. πŸ™‚

I think this is a much better planner than my last one, I think my last one is more for expert level planner’s and this one is more for beginner’s. πŸ™‚

Welp, I hope you enjoyed reading/seeing this post!! Until tomorrow!!

Additionally, I would also like to celebrate:

314 posts on RecoverytoWellness

194 followers on RtW

~95 followers on Twitter

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!! I don’t know where I would be without your support. ❀ ❀ ❀


In Which I’ve Written Out | #WWRRM

Stationery Haul THUMB

I’ve written myself out in a frenzy! I wanted to write some fanfic today for “A Little Unsteady” but the Muse never struck 😦 Poo!!

Instead though, I’ll work up this post and then maybe do a little more coloring before I head to sleep tonight. πŸ™‚

For now, here is a little mini stationery haul from Christmas Tree Shop!


Got this little guy which is a blue pill container. :3


Fall styled tissues, because when crying you gotta wipe your eyes with something nice!


A little jar and a lotion pump! πŸ™‚

Not sure what type of lotion I’m going to be putting in there just yet, but I have it now! Never knew they sold these before. I got a green one in part for mental health awareness πŸ˜‰

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A cute Halloween themed candle holder. :3




So basically I also got some cute sticky notes, a big planner weekly pad and the page flags, accordion envelope and weekly pages in that adventure awaits elephant one. πŸ™‚


Sorry the post isn’t more than usual! Pretty tired and been avoiding writing it for the last hour, but it’s bedtime for me now so I’m going to head off! Tomorrow will be better. πŸ™‚


Thank you everyone!!

Resources List | Article | #WWRRM

Articles THUMB

First things first: I want you to copy this article, print it, read it, let it become you and put it everywhere. I am serious. Put this article on the walls of your room, or in a pocket sized style in your wallet or inside your coping box. Put it everywhere. Share it, spread it, and make it accessible. Do this if not for yourself, then for someone else.


This article is all about resources available to us both on-campus and off-campus. Please, before you act on any self-harm or suicidal thought, consider these options first. It will save you a lot of regret, and may even save you entirely.


I know it is difficult to tell the truth apart from the lies that your brain may be telling you. I know I am asking a lot for you to be brave and reach out to someone. But you are worth it. You could do this alone, but it would be so much better to do it with people cheering you on. You are worthy of recovery and you can get better. This crisis will not last forever. I know it is hard and it will not come easy to you, but do it anyway; for yourself, for your loved ones, for me.


The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a 24/7 phone call away. They can be there for you, to acknowledge the pain that you are in, wherever you lie on the spectrum of a crisis. I will be writing an additional article about them and what it is like to call a hotline. If nothing else, they have been helpful to me as a stepping stone. After talking to them, I found I could reach out to someone closer to me. Their number is: 1800 273 TALK (8255). They also have an online chat service, where you put in your zip code and they ask for a name or alias and a little about your situation. They have a β€˜safe space’ area on their website to watch calming videos if you experience a wait.


You can also use a text service at 741-741 by sending either β€œSTART” or β€œHELLO”. I would recommend trying this out beforehand in case your phone is like mine and does not support the function.


Additionally, the Counseling Center is located in Quinn Administration building, second floor, all the way down the hall past general medicine. You can check the UMB website for their office hours, and their phone number is: X. They can also be reached at an after-hours emergency phone number: Y.


One of my newest preventative measures as of the last six months has been to physically stay put when I reach crisis. This is equivalent to me sitting on my hands, a demonstration my therapist has engaged in multiple times, until I can resume my activities. In some ways, staying put helps because if I just sit there and notice the world around me, I get bored and naturally will go towards an alternative action (looking through folders at home or browsing my phone). Staying put can get tricky if I need to be somewhere thereafter–say the Counseling Center or going home.


Here are some alternatives I could engage in the next time this happens: I can tell someone what I need and be walked there, such as Craig Bidiman, a friend on campus or a professor. I can also send out a text message to friends and have them talk with me as I walk there. I could also contact Public Safety (I think) or if it’s not urgent, get in touch with the Dean of Students.


If I am at a train station and reach a crisis, it is possible for me to talk to a crisis trained MBTA officer. One time I was at South Station and needed someone to walk me to the subway (otherwise I would have bought a method), and so I asked for an officer trained in crisis and explained to them what I needed.


Additionally, when I joined Twitter in May 2017, I found a couple of Twitter accounts that are beneficial. One of them is called Project Buddy, which is a mental health awareness and suicide prevention organization that aims to spread its message across school systems.


Tiffany Lewis, founder of the Pens for Pals Organization, is also a great resource; her campaign is about suicide prevention and anti-bullying, where she and volunteers write letters to at-risk individuals worldwide either weekly or bi-weekly. She holds a radio show on Tuesday’s at 8pm EST on Clear Source Radio. I am hoping to do a full article separately on her non-profit in the future, as well as share how she has helped me in the past.

This will be article #5 in order of submission. Written 8.14 & 8.15.17

I don’t think I have much else to say! I’m scheduling this post for later this evening, it’s nearly 1p now as I’m making this. I’m going to be hanging out with Kaiden later, and I’ve got the shopping bug, but am not sure I will investigate on it. ^^’

Hope you guys are doing well!!!

Now for me to start working on I Survived Part II πŸ™‚

End of Summer Organizing | #WWRRM

Daily Prompt THUMB

Saturday’s Prompt ~ Organize

Wanted to make this post sooner, but have had a lot of struggles lately. Wasn’t sure what to submit for today, but I figured I could write for this piece and share the photos I have just made about it, plus some extra photogenic photos.

If I sound off, it’s because I am. I’d go into detail but, basically my Tweeter tells the story. I’d rather not talk about it much right now, just know that I’d been in crisis for self-harm/suicidality for twenty-four hours on and off, and it only ended (for now?) around noon today.

So, while I was doing well in the last week, I had been organizing a lot. Here are the preparations I’ve already made for the new semester: (Which I feel I’m ready for month 1 and less so for the months thereafter)

First, I organized through my backpack and threw out stuff I no longer need (and congratulated myself on the candy I have in various pockets and various coping supplies littered throughout my bag, that’s awesome, Recovery Raquel!!).

Then I went through my gel pens and designated this pencil pouch to them:


It’s a pretty blank pencil pouch, so I am thinking of painting over it to liven it up. πŸ™‚

Then I found through an old folder about structure some monthly planner sheets:


These I will use as reading assignment due dates for all my classes, to help organize me and keep up with what I need to do and have a visual for doing so.

Then I have the monthly designated sheets which I will use for recording major deadlines.

Here are two classes of books (waiting on another two to come in the mail):


Here are my subject notebooks: (I decided to use two composition notebooks as I don’t have many more full sized notebooks and I figured instead of buying more I can use them and if I want future ones, well, then I can buy them. As of late, I haven’t used them!)


Then I have my homework folder and my new agenda planner I got:


This will help to keep me organized and writing down my assignments so I can remain on top of them and keep structure in my life. I haven’t used agendas or writing out assignments in three years.

Then, I ordered this planner from Amazon called Tools 4 Wisdom which comes in a large size and a smaller one. I was leaning more towards the smaller one but I didn’t like that it was from 7 – 7 only, whereas the larger one is 5 – 10. It has the times written out so I can easily fill in each day during the week of what I’m up to. This will also help to keep me structured and using planners to keep me organized and more in control of my life and my time management.

I’m a little wary of using this planner since my last one was so big and heavy that I was able to ignore and avoid it, but because I’ve been keeping up with daily planning and goal setting for each day since about July, I think I’m doing well.

I have even transitioned to using 8.5″ x 11″ printable sheets of planners this week so I can get more accustomed to it. Maybe I will even use one of my more weekly ones before I start using the planner once I get it at the end of this week. πŸ™‚

Here’s what those printable planners look like:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have another couple too that I already used but I’ll refrain from showing them today.

Any who, that’s the organizing I’ve been up to, except for the last few days.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I would add those artsy pictures now but I have to feed my hamster and want to go to sleep early (I only slept 5 1/2 hours broken up). Night, guys!!

Crisis Text Etiquette | Future ARTICLE Fall 2017 | #WWRRM

Articles THUMB

β€œI’ve been praying for someone to save me, but no one’s heroic.” — Lyrics from β€œ1800 273 8255” by Logic, Alessia Cara and Khalid.


Newsflash: I am not a superhero, and I cannot read other people’s minds. In fact, it is probably the same for you reading this. I mean, it would be so much more helpful if other people could read my mind when I am in a crisis, but unfortunately we do not live in that kind of world (and how weird would that be if we did?).


This is why it is so important to communicate, advocate, communicate and advocate for one’s self when in, or preferably before, a crisis.


But, how do we do that? And, what is the etiquette for doing so?


Yes, you read that right; there IS etiquette for handling a crisis situation over text message. First, it depends on who we are talking to.


I would not always disclose hefty, heavy details to my parents when in a crisis, but I would be more likely to discuss those details with a friend.


Essentially, it is important to know your audience. Know how much you can get away with saying that will not alarm them so much that they cannot help you and not so little that they do not have a clue what is going on. Of course, this is under the premise that you are comfortable reaching out to them to begin with.


It is also important to find out before a crisis occurs who you can contact in the first place. About a year ago with my previous therapist, I sent out a group text message to several friends asking if they would be all right with my contacting them if I were in crisis. This allows them the option to say no, if they are not comfortable with that (for whatever reason that may be) or they know they are often too busy and would hate to miss the red flare.


After setting aside who I could contact in a crisis, my current therapist suggested the etiquette that inspired this article.


Back in March 2017 I sent out an ill-advised text message to multiple people. I said something to the line of β€˜Hey, if you could contact me back there is a high probability that you will save me rather than if you do not intervene, thanks, bye.’ Essentially, I put all the responsibility on them, which was irresponsible of me.


Refer back to the song lyric at the top of this post. It is not fair for me, or anyone else, to put all the responsibility of my own actions and choices on someone else. If you also struggle with this, repeat after me: I can take care of myself. I can trust myself. I can keep myself safe–and if I cannot, I can communicate this need to others so I can be in a safe place again. I am responsible for my actions. I control my actions.


I have been on the flip side of this scenario, where a friend reached out to me and I was terrified. I can only imagine how much worse that could be for someone who has no experience in the realm of mental health conditions and therefore has not a clue on how to respond or what to say.


Instead, my therapist worked with me to take it down a few notches. I could text my group of friends a message along the lines of β€˜Hey peeps, this is going out to multiple people and I am having some trouble right now so if you could chat with me that’d be great. If not, I will call a hotline and do some coping strategies, thanks!’


In this scenario, if people are busy on the toilet or not around their phone (it does happen) they do not run the risk of freaking out when they see my message of help. They can be more rest assured that someone else, if not myself got extra support.


All in all, remember this: Text multiple people, not just one person. Have a back-up plan if friends cannot respond. Use your adaptive coping strategies. Call a hotline. And know you do not need someone else to save you, because you can save yourself.


Also: it takes bravery to open up to people and you are much stronger than you think, realize or feel right now. It will get better and this crisis will pass. Go out there and radiate badassery.


If you or someone you know is in an immediate suicidal crisis off campus, call 911. Other resources include the Counseling Center, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1800 273 8255, and Craig Bidiman.

Hey everyone! I was GOING TO DO A LIFE UPDATE I SWEAR but then I finished this article, so ploot! *sticks tongue out* We’re just going to leave this up here, for now! πŸ™‚ I don’t know for sure if this will have a picture for it or not, depends on a few of my future articles.

I am also going to be doing a part 2 to this post under a different title called (for now) ‘Rescue Me?’ because I think that plays a part in this article but wasn’t something I could expand on in it. So yeah!

We’ll see how everything else goes! I’m pretty happy, this is my second completed article this week! πŸ™‚ Also, the paper has added in the Health & Wellness section again, which makes me even happier!


Thank you guys so much!!! ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

Written August 9th and 11th 2017.

The Making Of Our Mascot and Ribbon | #WWRRM

Hey everyone! Welcome to the OFFICIAL start of August, and with that the official starting point of Worldwide Recovery Recognition Month. In this post, I’d like to continue exploring the making of our mascot and ribbon and why these are important, as well as my general thoughts about the process of making them. πŸ™‚ And, of course, the behind the scenes of making them!

So, as I mentioned before, I have made a video of me coloring in the mascot, it’s just a 2 hour long video I have yet to edit and put music overlay on and deal with. But, I’ll get there eventually and have an update with this post later.

My Artwork! THUMB

Currently, I am listening to some wonderful music by Josh Woodward, do check him out, as some of my upcoming drawing/coloring videos feature a lot of his music πŸ™‚

The household is also a bit LOUD AND RAMBUNCTIOUS right now and I have Kaiden coming over soon so we can go together to the OCD support group tonight, so there’s a bit on my mind and in my environment that I’m juggling to gain traction over. Without further ado, let’s get started!

So, I’ll show the mascot first, here was the original sketch:


Important to note: I used a sitting unicorn reference image for this piece.

Here is that reference image that you can easily find through a Google search:

Unicorn ref.jpg


This is as I started using the watercolors.

I used: watercolors, pearlescent watercolors and gel pens to complete this piece. πŸ™‚

Other photos behind the scenes AKA the close-ups:


When using the white gel pen on the face, I accidentally brushed into the black of the eyes and brow so it created that streaks of grey effect, although it actually looks pretty cool.


A close up where you can see more of the glitter and sparkles throughout the piece.


And, finally, an overview.

I personally like my unicorns to have rainbow hair and grey hooves. The horn, I want to be a sparkling white but haven’t figured out a good way to convey that, yet. This mascot will be featured, of course, through future Vol 2 of Recovery Restoration and probably cards that I give to people. πŸ™‚

The rainbow in the background only felt natural, and I hope that you enjoy this piece and find it amusing and cute for our mission this month long. The mascot will likely be featured in each post for this month, with some give or take for some posts, either at the top or at the bottom, that’s our cue that it’s WWRRM. πŸ™‚

I’m also thinking of following the lead from some other blogs that I follow and doing a year in review at the end of the year, where I’ll feature some posts and artwork of what we accomplished in 2017. πŸ™‚

Now let’s jump into the ribbon!

Every cause HAS to have a ribbon, and it’s important that that ribbon is unique. It’s yet another cue that a mission is taking place and I think that’s important for people who see it to know that something is lurking behind that piece of cloth.

As far as I know, there was NOT a ribbon like ours before this point in time (when I made it). It is silver on one arm completely, then smacked in between red for substance use disorders and green for mental health awareness. The silver is meant to represent the universe, or the stars, in this large galaxy we share in and live in. πŸ™‚ It’s about perspective.

Here is a refresher of what the ribbon completed looks like:


The ribbon is kind of like an infomercial ad. It shows where to follow the hashtag, how to submit for the hashtag and who is sponsoring this event and what that hashtag is. I used all gel pens (Yoobi and Yummy Yummy) and crayons for this piece.

In making this ribbon, I thought and imagined to myself, other people one day making replicas of it to participate in the event. That is SO cool, I think!! I hope one day #WWRRM gets there. It’s all gotta start somewhere. πŸ™‚


Here is the ribbon up close, when the background was yet to be complete and the glitter is visible!


From afar, featuring the pens used.




A different angle, completed and with SHINE.

I have been having much practice this year drawing unicorns, but that process if for a future post!

I have to go now, but I hope this was interesting and that you enjoyed some further backstory to these creations. πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading!!! ❀ ❀ ❀

Stay safe.

The Tea Party | Completed

Hey everyone!! A bit of a late post again, my apologies for that! My concentration is a little off at the moment, watching a movie in the background, low lighting, later evening and opened tabs for Twitter and deviantART and Youtube in the background, plus watching for text messages. Yeah, quite a bit! ^^

Any who, this is a pretty easy update. I finished the tea party drawing!! Without further ado:

My Artwork! THUMB

As a refresher, here is the original sketch:


When I finished the bottom:


The pink on her eyes is eyeshadow, by the way. Then there’s her eyeliner. I decided not to outline the nose as it’s still pretty visible and I thought outlining it would look off rather than not. πŸ™‚ Her nails are done, too! :3

Then the top half:


Andddd yeah, that’s about it! If you’re new or just stopping by this post, the tea party is all about attending to rumination from mental health conditions and how the illusion is innocent and safe but the reality is glorifying and a lie, like the silver shadows around the owners of the puppet. Yuck!

I have my mascot for August as a WIP for #WWRRM so that’s cool. πŸ™‚ I will be coloring it tomorrow while my parents are out.

I’ve also done videos of the whole process for this drawing and they will be up this week once I work on finding more copyright free music πŸ™‚

I’m planning on doing a video for the mascot drawing as well. I already have an idea for one post if not split up posts. And more preparation will be ongoing tomorrow.

Let’s here it for WWRRM! πŸ˜€


Thanks for stopping by! ❀ ❀ ❀ If you would like to request a drawing to be made for you, send me a comment or an email! Thanks!! (If you email me, it’d help if you tell me through a comment, just so I make sure to check the email, thanks!)


Hey everyone! Welcome back to another post.

In this post, I thought I’d chat about making progress–mainly how we make progress in our lives through small steps taken in each moment and how while that can seem insignificant, in reality it is actually HUGE and can pave the way forward for our bigger attainments of goals and dreams. πŸ™‚ Everything starts with a small step forwards!

So, firstly, I’d like to discuss how structure has helped me in the past few weeks. I’m certainly having my struggles with it (too much free time where I wind up snoozing with Mocha, oops!) and even a couple of days where I got lazy and didn’t fill in my schedule all the way, yet it was always in the back of my mind and it helps me to remember what I did each day and what I didn’t get to do and what I can try again to do the next day or the day after that.

This has been a progressive stance as although I have that big planner of mine, I get intimidated by it sometimes and forget to–or purposely avoid–opening it up to jot down my schedule.

I’m hoping I can work my way into using it again or at least work through another set of stationery to do so.

Like people have told me before, even if you jot down your to do or schedule on a napkin, that works! Just get it down!!

I’ve also been working towards that goal of filling in journals and workbooks. It hasn’t quite lifted off the ground yet, but I’m envisioning myself doing it and getting closer and closer to actually doing it. Maybe tomorrow will be the day! πŸ™‚

I would love to challenge myself when it comes to breaking some of my “rules”. Mainly things like not jotting things down on napkins or wanting to print something when in reality I could just handwrite it but I linger and procrastinate and wind up not getting things done! I have another goal I can work on tomorrow, too (my Mom won’t be home and my Dad will be sleeping so I’ll be alone with Mocha for the majority of the time). Maybe I can even do another Youtube video! (I’m thinking of making one tonight of me making a couple of bracelets).

Any who, I’ve also worked on READING today which I haven’t been able to do for a WHILE. So that was cool. I’m hoping I can get 30 pages more in so that I’ll only have 200 pgs left for tomorrow to finish it.

I also want to work on my book reviews/notetaking and check up on textbooks by the weekend, order my blog’s promotional stickers and do my laundry/take a shower. Maybe shower tonight to get it out of the way.

I cleaned the inside and the top of my desk recently, too. πŸ™‚ It looks NICE now and usable. I even added my starry lights overlaying the top of it so it looks extra snazzy at night. I’ll try for some pictures or video some time soon.

I would also like to gather my material for the Mocha video and for another IOS video.

As well as spend some time doing creative writing.

By this weekend I want to pick out my notebooks and folder for this upcoming semester! πŸ˜€ I will be part-time actually, though having the workload of 3 classes. IT’S A LIE!

Today I also went food shopping, which I think from hearing how anxious other people get in public is starting to rub off on me a little. I don’t get anxious, just uncertain. But I manage!

I’m definitely wanting to get in time for drawing this week as I have to prep for August’s posts! I also want to fulfill a few other ideas I have like making Kaiden a card (I just realized I could have given him a sticker I found the other day but I forgot to), making my positivity jar, and burning a couple of CDs for my coping box and my car with music that helps me. πŸ™‚

I also have to do some brainstorming on what August’s themed posts will be like–maybe even making a category for them and some thumbs! I have like 11 thumbs in total now, I just haven’t been able to– fuck, I forgot one. I’ll add it the next time. I forgot I had one for SADIJ3, but oh well. That’s okay.

Additionally, I would like to end this post–wait, I forgot my main point!

Now, in my drafts I have only these posts left as I’ve worked on the other ones and posted them since the last drafts in progress post!

  1. Recovery A to Z Challenge. F is for friendship and a snippet on forgiveness
  2. My Life’s Pursuit
  3. “The Edge of Seventeen” film review
  4. “Demolition” film review
  5. #RecoveryHome Project Day 4-7
  6. Cut Book review

NOW for the last mentioning:

While I was inpatient this last time, I was telling Kaiden about the whole living with the uncomfortable and tolerating it rather than trying to get rid of it. Exposure therapy, essentially. And how you’ll wind up habituating to the anxiety over time and repeated exposure. Anyways, I challenged him to change his ping pong paddle as he had gotten used to this one particular one and liked it a lot, yet he changed it. And from that point on he’s been able to use that one small moment to pave his recovery pathway. (In the sense of challenging himself to uncomfortable situations that last temporarily yet may not have been something he’d have done before. And being able to relate that to his further treatment goals and you get the idea).

Pretty remarkable, I’d say. It’s interesting how significant a change, a ripple effect, it’s made for him and I’m super honored that I was a part of that. πŸ™‚ He’s probably reading this now, too, so hey buddy!! *waves*

All right, that’s it for this post! Maybe I’ll explore more in the future but for now, this is good. πŸ™‚

Good night, folks! ❀ ❀ ❀

2 Weeks of Daily Blogging: Complete!

Because this post is STILL easier to plan/write with my tired brain than my twice delayed post.

So, a reflection.

It’s been officially two weeks since I started daily blogging. We’ve essentially had a mixture of everything in those two weeks: Book reviews, daily prompts, mental health chats, stationery hauls, changes, life updates, galore!

What’s happened behind the scenes includes my making more new card slides for future posts/topics.

And apparently my creating stickers for myself and ordering them through Vistaprint.


I question ALL of my decisions. ON THE PLUS SIDE–they’re blog related? πŸ˜€ *guilty and happy grin* And maybe one pen, too. BUT BLOG PROMOTION I TELL YE! I know a few places I could use it already…. :3

I still have to add my card to it, though, so that’s the hold up on that front. I really need to stop buying shit, but it’s under $15 as my justification goes. O_o


But yes, two weeks of blogging. It’s impressive for sure, this is the longest I’ve gone ever. I really, really want to do my structure blog post soon, so I’ll make room for that tomorrow.

For now, I’m skipping dishes duty this evening, going to finish my schedule and order those stickers of mine….for promotion of course. And maybe journal and DEFINITELY go to sleep. So tired. GWAH.

I almost worry that I’ll run out of content to say during the next two months (that’s how long I intend to daily blog then go down through the semester) but as my lists show so far, nah, not gonna happen.


I’ll write up a better reflection in the future. Gotta make sure I don’t blog past eight at night. *yawns*.


Night peeps!!


**PS: I’ve decided that I don’t NEED these stickers and pen for promotional purposes RIGHT NOW so I will order them either as a reward for myself, after I get textbooks, in August or as a little birthday gift. :3 That way I can space it out more and maybe find an even better deal or how to tutorial elsewhere. πŸ™‚ YAY PROBLEM SOLVING