Crisis I | Poem

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They told me

>  “Stay.”


I said

> “I have to go.”


They pulled me close,

> arms wrapped around my

>>   small frame in a tight clasp.


“Please, stay.”


I bit my lip

>  “I really have to go.”


They squeezed me again.

> “We want you here.”


Then after a pause

> “We love you.”


“Sometimes,” I began,

> “we have to let go

>>      of the ones we love.”


They shook their heads,

> Hair tossing down over

> their brown, compassionate eyes.


“Not like this.

> Not this way.”


“I’ll be okay,”

>     I try to reassure


They don’t believe me.


I pull away, slowly at first

> then more effectively.


“You can’t stop me.”


“Yes,” they insisted. “We can.”


I hear the sirens.

>   I flinch within their grasp.


“Don’t do this,” I warn.


“We have no other choice.”

>     They had tears streaming

>     down their faces now.

>     I could feel the watery

>      excess on the back of my

>      shoulders.


“Please,” I begged. “Don’t do this.”


“We’re doing what’s best for you.”


“This doesn’t feel like love!” I cry.


They narrow their eyes.


“No, it doesn’t. And maybe

it never will. But we’re doing

this out of love. Out of care.

>     One day you’ll see this.”


“I hate you!” I yell,

>        trying still to break free.


They continue to hold me,

>    imprisoning me.


“And that you can,” they reply.

>     “But at least you’ll still

>>             be here to hate us.

>  We’d rather have that than

>>    nothing at all.”


I cry then,

>  I let go of each teardrop

>   as the men in uniform

>>      stream out.


They tell me they’re bringing me in,

>    Leading me to the hospital.


“I don’t want to go,” I plead.


Their faces are grim.


“You’ll feel better soon.”

>      The brown eyed gaze

whispered in my ear, letting

>       me out inch by inch.


“I hate you,” I hurled back.


But away I went.

>   Away I went.


And one day,

>     one day I felt better.


One day I could see why

they did what they did.


It hurt for a while,

>    It hurts still, sometimes.


But when you came to me,

>     I knew what I had to do.


Even if I dreaded

every minute of it.


I’d do it again in a

>     Heartbeat,

To ensure you’d get

>   One more breath

> out of your mouth.


I loved you,

>  as much as they loved me.


So be mad.

>   Be angry.

But most of all,

>    be brave,

Because I know you, too,

>   can make it

>    through this.

Piece written: 7/26/2019

About the art: I listened to “Do Not Go Gentle” by Josh Woodward for this poem and it was written out as a vent piece to handle my emotional intensities while also being in part inspired by a story I listened to on Youtube involving Athena and how she had gotten support for the start of her recovery. It’s “I” is because it’s the first in likely a four part series. I may still flesh it out further, I’m not sure. There’s probably some Loki from my fanfic story “Distorted & Disordered” in here, too, if you squint hard enough. 🙂 

Hope you enjoy this piece!! Let me know if you have ideas for a continuation or things you’d like to see taken on in this poem series! 😀

PS: > to signify one tabbed space in, >> to signify two tabbed spaces in.

Stay safe ❤ ❤ ❤