Words to Say with No Mouth to Open

So, sometimes just sharing pictures is enough.

IMG_8967 Upd

Some song lyrics from ‘Comes and goes in waves’ piano version by Greg Laswell. Listening to it now in order to fit the theme of this post.

Some of these drawings, like the one above, are from my first sketchbook, lasting from about February 2015 to November 2015.

IMG_7569 Upd

Lyrics credited to at the bottom of the page. From one of my coloring books. 🙂

IMG_7548 Upd

I really like this coloring page. 🙂 It’s hung up on my wall.

IMG_7544 Upd

An individual who climbed to the top of their mountain and SURVIVED. We’re all survivors, here. ❤

IMG_8928 Upd

A mindfulness exercise. One of my most memorable pieces when I think about mindfulness.

IMG_8912 Upd

The choices that exist in Recovery: Do we proceed forwards or spend time moving backwards. We already know that moving backwards or standing still pretty much sucks, so the only thing we have yet to experience is the moving forwards to find the light. Inside the chest there is the potential to get better. You have it within you, too. ❤


Another one of my coloring pages. Fucking love gazebos ❤

IMG_8909 Upd

Birds and a colorful tree. ❤ Freedom, at its finest.

IMG_7568 Upd

Speaking of freedom…. More about inner potential and light, especially in the darkness and the chaotic waves.


❤ ❤ ❤ Stay safe.