Black Cat, Blue Sea Award 1

black cat blue sea awards

I did NOT draw this!! Image off of Google. ❤

So, it’s been an eventful couple of days! I’ve been nominated for two of these black cat, blue sea awards and one for a Liebster award. I’ll be doing them slightly out of order, but it shall be amazing and you will enjoy it-or else! *or else I’ll sprinkle my pixie dust over you* (that actually reminds me of the fairy dust glitter stuff I have from Lush which I found again, hooray!)

This one I was nominated from the most loveliest human being, Miss Body Electric. Onwards, to the questions!

Who was the first blog/blogger you heard of/read, and how did they inspire you to start yours?

What an interesting question! Well, in the past couple of years I had found blogger Janet (ocdtalk) and in the fall of 2015 found Ellen’s OCD blog

They didn’t necessarily inspire me to create a blog, it just so happened that on the whim that I created this blog, I found them again through the tags and they luckily happened to be on this blogging website so now I can interact with them more! =]

I had created a blog once before for Photography Club at UMB, but it wasn’t on WordPress, there was once a tumblr page and a blogspot page. But I really like WordPress and its layout, it’s definitely growing on me more! And technically, it could be argued I’ve been blogging on DA for years now in the journals!! (My DeviantART account)

Do you see blogging as a future career or a side hobby?

If I could make money off of blogging I totally would. For the fact that just over this summer I’m desperately looking for work (I am talking with a few potential offers, hoping they will pan out!!) and have to wait longer than a few days to find out about such work, I feel that my writing and my mental health experiences thus far could be utilized in a powerful way that right now I’m not quite able to broadcast. So if in the future blogging offered that, I’d do it! For now it’s a wonderful hobby that’s blossoming. =]

What is your all time favourite album and why? How does it make you feel when you listen to it?

Oh man, I don’t often listen to many songs by one artist (although my notable faves are Demi Lovato and Eminem) but I did recently buy Rachel Platten’s CD “Wildfire” and I am soooo in love with her and it and her music and her super kind and positive attitude. It is remarkably refreshing and I just love it! Her song “Better Place” and “Fight Song” just make me love all the things. ❤ ❤ ❤

Four movies I’ve watched more than once…

Dead Poets Society. Avengers. Thor (one and two– for Loki though! XD). Starship Troopers. (and because I can…) Orphan. Horrible Bosses.

Four things I’d rather be doing right now…

Be on an inpatient ward. Lol. Be holding down a job. Be out at school/up in Boston. Reading books. =]

Four favourite foods…

I agree with Body Electric, chocolate is a must!! Ice cream. Spinach pizza. Sirloin tips.

Four shows I watch…

Including past ones, House MD. I’ve rewatched a couple S7 episodes the past few days. ER because I found episodes online and I would have loved it. Grey’s Anatomy, which I need to catch up on. Any of those Deadly Women or murder shows. *nods*

Four things I’m looking forward to…

My reboot in recovery and re-establishing my strength and many more new days ahead of being clean from self-harm. Painting my own front door. Creating artwork. Organizing.

Four things I’m always saying…

“XD” it’s a eyes closed, mouth grinning emoticon. I use it online and over texts all the time…XD Fuck. Amazing/awesome. Various noises like “Oooo, Aaaa, ahahha, Nargh, blargh, bippity bip boop boo!” And ploot! And poof. I say these out loud in person too, just so you get that painted picture even more. =]

There we go, we’ve made it to nearly the end! :O


Hmmm, I nominate… *goes into a new tab to find the peoples*

Living as One in Four

Walking With Anxiety

Scentsy Family


Catlin Hogan


An Orchid’s View

Phew! Okay! We are slap clap and blap done here! =] Thank you again, body electric for nominating me!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Go have fun now, friends! ^^