My Coursework To Do List | #WWRRM

My To Do List THUMB 11.26

Black&white photograph for Day #7 featured at the end of this post!

Today I bring forth to you more information about my coursework–because I genuinely can’t think of anything else to write about and I want to dip back into that work before I fall asleep for sure this evening (and I’ve had some coffee in the last two hours so that falling asleep right away may or may not happen tonight). So, here’s more information about my course–that none of you asked for! 😀

So today I finally took my notes for chapters 3 and 4 (that I had already previously read and previously taken textbook notes from) and was just working on the slide show notes, watched the fifty minute long documentary and took notes on that as well and then reviewed all my notes to take the second quiz.

Whiiiiiiich, I got a 90 on! I got a 70 on the first one, so, this was a lot better.

Which is also rather ironic to me (that might not be the right word I’m looking for buuuut) because I struggled with adding more internal pressure and expectations to myself trying to remember everything that I read and every little detail so much so that I was worried I wouldn’t be able to retain all the information that I needed to (and that I have, surprisingly, otherwise thus far) and that I procrastinated on the homework because of or couldn’t focus entirely and pushed it off when really, I did even better overall than how the first quiz was.

So, it’s like smoke and mirrors. All this worry when in the end I did even better than I could have imagined.

And that then begs the question: Why did I procrastinate at all??

And for that I don’t have much of an answer, all I know is that the next 4 days are going to be spent shoving in information into my brain about cancer, taking notes on book chapters, on slideshow chapters, watching videos, taking notes on those videos, reviewing all my work and taking the next four quizzes (there’s six in total).

And then the 4 days after that will involve researching most likely on apoptosis (unless I do in fact change my topic to angiogenesis as I do understand a lot more of it now and am not so sure how much I want to learn about cell suicide but we’ll see), finding 10 research articles/information/studies, taking notes on that, creating artsy diagrams and writing up a two page explanation of said project.

The other thing I’ve been worried about, besides the middle portion of my right eyebrow not growing back in, has been my wrist pain as of late. I think it’s because the angle of my elbow is below the angle of my wrist and that’s been causing some pain localized to my wrist which isn’t all that great because then I start worrying about how I’m going to take all these notes, how I’m going to manage that pain with the fall semester, how will I write as an MHS, how will I cope with life seemingly one-handedly and so forth. Right now it isn’t hurting though. I will find some relief and solace in that.

Regardless, I have about 10 chapters (2 repeat/different parts of) that I have to read through in the next few days, so I’m going to try and get started on more of that now. Let’s hope I fall asleep reasonably well tonight and that the coffee hasn’t kicked in completely (or that I cope effectively otherwise).

Good night!!

IMG_0056 -- Chosen

Ta-da, you get another schoolwork oriented photograph for today. 🙂 For some reason chewing on mints or other candy (while unfortunately rotting my teeth as of late) helps distract me and keeps my hands “busy” when I want to pull or would otherwise wind up pulling. I don’t doubt this will be one of many more school related photos to come for the next week. 😛

Any who, until tomorrow! ❤ ❤ ❤