In Which I Take A Badass, Eerie Photo & Talk More about my Cancer Biology Class | #WWRRM

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This is technically more of a general life update post that I’m going to squash into the WWRRM category because I need a post for the day, time to unwind and less activity for my brain to be hauling ass over because I am very, very tired.

So, let’s begin, shall we?


And, in a way, isn’t that what WWRRM is really all about anyways? Just some journal blogging and progress making and credit taking, you know? 🙂

So I just came online mainly to write today’s blog post as it’s sneaking around to 11p at night (I had coffee again around 7p, probably why my head is still up) and I only JUST, like 30 minutes ago (10p) got done with coursework so I need a break and some time to settle into everything that I’ve just shoved into my brain about cancer and biology.

I wasn’t sure I was going to finish the four pages I had left of Chapter 10 (the only pages mind you of that chapter that I needed to read) as my thought processes became scattered, distracted and I was getting internally fed up with having to put in all of this work for the last 6 hours (plus 45 minutes during the day at program and excluding the 45 minutes I had for small breaks and dinner–I’ve been working since 3:30p and it just hit 10p, although I stopped from 7-7:30p for dinner and a little break) I’m sure you can do the math better than I can right now, but yeah, it’s been a LONG day.

Luckily I’ve been really, really lucky in being able to focus for so much of today and I took my book notes along the way so now tomorrow I just have to take the slideshow notes, watch the video with notes, review all my notes and take the third quiz and then rinse, recycle and repeat for another quiz and probably do the same thing all over again on Friday too–which ultimately should leave me with all six completed quizzes before the weekend so I can spend the last 4-5 days just working on the final project.

I purposefully chose the topic apoptosis (I was also considering angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels)) but went towards apoptosis as I remember it from my first college biology course and it’s essentially cell suicide and why not expose myself to small quantities of people using the term “committed” suicide when “kill yourself” is probably more accurate and less stigmatizing and hey, oh look, we’re talking about cells but still it applies and it matters to say! You know, the usual.

Any who, so I decided to jump onboard of the WordPress train but before I did that I took some EERIE CREEPY CHILLING photos of what, well, you’ll have to guess! I’d say more but I’d rather you figure it out for yourselves 😉 I will include of course the black&white version but also the color version. Hope you enjoy it!! Here’s the black&white:

IMG_0100 -- - Chosen

I’ll add the color version at the very bottom of this post!

What? You thought I was done talking? Nope!!

I also wanted to check up on any grades from my class so I promptly opened my laptop (which was not really in sleep mode, annoyingly but also meant I didn’t have to login properly) and tagged along onto WordPress and Twitter (I also have zero music playing right now which is odd for me but I’m so tired it would probably be distracting…more on this soon!) AND I just found out that I got an overall grade of a 96 on my first project!! YAY!

I don’t know if I was able to tell you guys yesterday or not (and I’m not going to bother checking now) but I got a 90 on my second quiz too!

So, really, this is just further proof that for some reason I do really, really well in summer courses. Strange. (And I’ve taken 3 summer courses in my college years; English 2, Psych Statistics and this cancer biology course).

Although I’m definitely cramming everything into this last week, it’s overall been pretty fun. The two chapters I was reading today involved radiation and cancer and … fuck, I forgot. OH RIGHT *checked syllabus* chemicals and cancer. That’s right, plus a bunch of DNA biology bullshit regarding mutations and CC-TT mutations and errors and homologous repair-ments and shit. The usual biology stuff.

Everything may have already seeped out of my brain, I can’t be sure. But it actually gave me some FANFIC writing ideas and vibes which I legitimately haven’t gotten for the last 2 months so that was pretty awesome. Now my eye is watering uncontrollably, noooooo. I should probably take an allergy pill so I don’t pull again (my left wrist is killing me for reasons I don’t totally understand although I was playing with thinking putty a lot today).

Annnnnd yeah. Despite overload of information for the next week, things are pretty good. I have a NAMI thing on Saturday so some of the day’s work will be taken out that day which will serve as a break for me and then I can’t WAIT til I’m all done and have 2 weeks to RELAX and read 3 library books! 🙂 😀

I think that’s about all I’ve got for right now.

Time to let all that information seep into all my CSF. 🙂

Good night!!

IMG_0100 --

Leave your guesses on what this could be in the comments below!

Stay safe ❤ ❤ ❤


This hour long train sounds are lovely for me during homework time: (especially to block out additional noise in the house and also to comfort me in the absence of external noise)