In Which I’m Falling Asleep

Hello all!

I have some AMAZING and AWESOME and BADASS news, but I am SO exhuasted that I can’t even spell or remember which past or passed to use in an email. So, I shall wait until tomorrow where hopefully I am better rested to explain my good news.

School is going swell, still a bit behind on schoolwork already but I have even more incentive now to stay ahead and on top of it.

Today turned into one of those amazing days where I just wanted to relive it over and over and never have it end. It didn’t start that way (I fell asleep at 1:30a and only got 5 hours of sleep as opposed to my usual 9 hours) but it turned into that.

I will update more tomorrow, just wanted to set this aside as a small update for now. 🙂

Hope you’re well and staying safe!!