Life Update & Things to Come (Thumb Thursdays)

my goals_reaching for the stars THUMB

So, it’s been a while.


I am very, verrrrry tired. But I wanted to write something earlier, and the tab’s been open for an hour or so, so I thought I’d pop in real quick and say hello!

I’ve decided, in the last hour, that I want to create a blog post every Thursday for

Thumb Thursday

Essentially, a nice little graphic design and blog post for that day on a weekly basis to spread some positivity, creativity and inspiration (hopefully!) for anyone who stumbles upon it! Maybe this will help my traffic stats too, what can I say? Does altruism truly exist?

But I think this will be nice and an easing in kind of project for myself. 🙂 I’ve already made 3 of them on Canva. At the end I’ll share my graphic design that started it all again this evening (a quote). As well as another quote I discovered yesterday and shared on Twitter if you happen to follow me there. (I tweet a lot, but my feed is on my blog too, if that helps! Links in plenty of places!!).

It works out well too, because I’ve been itching to get back on Canva for at least 2 months and just never got around to it.

But in other worlds, I’ve done a little bit fanfic writing lately, a “new” story and more for D&D, which is coming along great (although I totally need to work on Chp 21 this week! Typing, mainly).

I got that job, by the way. I’m in many parts intimidated but also hopeful. It’s really going to cut down on my time online but hopefully I can adjust well enough. I’m soooo tired right now, amazingly.

I have some more papers to sign and much to read over and check off. I will be doing that more tomorrow and the next day. Then I can start to work!

I’ve managed to do some book reading lately too–I mean, this Monday I spent about 7 hours of my time reading. I know, amazing!! XD

I’ve also been challenged for my book reviews not being reviews and trying to not over-page flag a book (the concept of reading just to read is so foreign and alien to me these days!!). Which, of course, means this last book I have at least 150 flags in XD

I’ve decided I will change the names from ‘Book Reviews’ to ‘Book Analyses’. Otherwise, I will try to only flag particularly important quotes (20).

I went food shopping today and I’m happy that I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I’m excited for food and eating, ahaha.

I’m so tired, shit.

I saw my first ever car accident today. The guy in front of me blew a tire and he swerved around before going off road where there was luckily some grass and nothing there. I totes got out of the car to help/ask if he was okay. He pulled into the nearest Dunkin Donuts parking lot and said he was okay. Not hurt or anything, which was super relieving, but it was definitely really scary and shook me up!! Maybe I will talk more of it tomorrow…


However, for now, I’m beyond exhausted. I’m going to jump into my trich prevention techniques (since I relapsed with trich last night, unfortunately) and go to sweet, sweet sleep.


I’ll see you all in the morning with a fresh post! 🙂

Sending you all love and light!

❤ ❤ ❤

Also, I just remembered:

Humanity Quote

Honestly heard this in one of my online training videos from the president of the company I’ll be working for. :3

Fully Human Quote - ORIGINAL DESIGN - 7.3.19

Here is the design I used today that started off a chain of graphic designing! 🙂 Photograph is my own! (from 2012, even)